Curriculum Frameworks
  • We commit to preparing Fremont RE-2 graduates who can demonstrate critical thinking, academic performance, and work force pathways.

Fremont RE-2 instruction and learning is mapped out in curriculum frameworks that specify what topics are to be taught at which grade level for each subject in the curriculum. These frameworks are created using our district adopted programming and the Colorado Academic Standards. Included on this page are links to the district At a Glance Maps for each grade.

In addition, the Jr/Sr High School Course Catalogue shows the available courses for students in 7th through 12th grades. Fremont RE-2 is committed to high quality, career connected education in three pathways: College/University Pathway, Traditional Pathway, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathway.

Clear High Standards

In 2008, Colorado passed legislation (Senate Bill 212, also known as CAP4K) that requires the State Board of Education to adopt content standards that prepare students for the 21st century workforce and for active citizenship upon receiving a high school diploma. In addition to the requirement that students meet those content standards, students must also develop and demonstrate skills essential for success in professional life. The same law also requires a revision to the Colorado Academic standards by July 1, 2018, and every six years thereafter.

To access all 2020 Colorado Academic Standards click here.

Professional Development

Fremont RE-2 works to provide high quality professional development for our staff. Administration works to align professional development with the District Commitment Statements, District and School Unified Improvement Plans, and our Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS). Below you will find links to current Professional Development initiatives where you can find more information.

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